I shot my Music Video and Documentary on sat Oct 13,2012

Hey Angels,

Its a beautiful feeling when you have a vision and you accomplish it. I shot a scene from my music video on the day I started filming my Documentary Introducing Lakithia Nicole (The Come UP) and my new music video this past saturday. Yes, I was shooting both at the same time lol. That was such an amazing experience. But I still have so much more to film. It's a lot of hard work but my team is amazing!! Once these projects are complete, I know I will be happy. I feel like you should always put your best foot forward. No half stepping.. So the rest of the month, I will be putting finishing touches on my new music video and Documentary. Its all about quality. I am not rushing at all. My work needs to speak for itself and when I present it to you all I want to be well pleased. My mixtape is coming along so good. I'm so pleased at my latest body of work. I can't say it enough. This new mixtape represents the element of freedom. And everything I touch from this moment on will be the same. To be a true artist I believe its important to lose reservations and be you completely. My new documentary is the same way. I want to give my Angels an insight on the real "Lakithia Nicole" I want my viewers to walk away knowing me as an artist and person. And also understand, the reason I make the music I make because its ME!!! Stay tune you guys and girls are in for a treat. From my upcoming Mixtape, to my Documentary and new music video... Love u all and will keep you posted each step of the way...

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