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Who is Lakithia Nicole

All About Lakithia Nicole This Mid-West born, California breed female phenom is no stranger to the vocal booth. The Recording Artist/Actress drops golden nuggets in your ear as her rich, raspy voice weaves through each bar. She can battle with the Big Boys and yet compel every female to rush the dance floor! Lakithia has been captivating audiences since her days of elementary school. Growing up as the daughter of an Evangelist, she sang in churches across the mid-west at her mom’s engagements. She was bit by the bug before reaching her teenage years. During Junior high her parents relocated to the inner midwest city to care for her elderly aunt and uncle. This was quite an adjustment from the child hood years she spent in the suburbs of Lafayette, IN. She found herself in unfamiliar territory surrounded by gang and drug activity, violence and poverty. She experienced constant cruelty and bullying from her peers because she looked and spoke differently. Often times she found herself cornered and threatened by evil intended classmates. It was during these years she began to relate to the perspectives of various hip-hop artists. She could relate to the pain and frustration that the songs consisted of. She had always written poetry, but soon began to memorize and write the lyrics of her favorite artists like Tupac, Biggie, Jay Z and Lauryn Hill. She fell in love with Hip-Hop during her Junior High and High School years, and she reminisces, “It was the story telling of the artists then that drew me. At first I loved to listen and had fun rapping along with the rap stars. I always loved to write poetry and for fun I started writing my own raps. I realized one day, I love it and I’m good at it. I made somewhat of a transition from singing to rapping and began to seriously pursue it.” Lakithia also had an love and passion for modeling and acting. She did some print work for agencies in the Mid-West. Lakithia worked with some local producers and released a couple of albums. She toured locally in Wisconsin and Illinois and her music played on some local radio stations. Shortly after she set her sights on the Sunshine State and took off to pursue her dreams. In 2003 Lakithia finally moved to Los Angeles, Ca. She had a rough start in Cali in the beginning, but that didn’t deter her. Lakithia had developed thick skin during her inner city struggles on Milwaukee’s north side. She was up for the challenge and she knew her dream was on the other side of the opposition. Lakithia continued to pursue her endeavors in search for her breakthrough. She connected with several producers and found herself back on the music scene and performing across LA. All the while acting was also a passion that she always had, since childhood. Lakithia has had parts on several TV programs and worked on the movie Burlesque (starring Christina Aguilera and Cher). She has worked on videos such as Dirty Money's (Diddy's) “Hello Good Morning,” Dijon Talton’s “Wild Out” and commercials such as Jennifer Lopez’s Gillette Venus. Most recently she appeared on Tia and Tamera’s reality show on Style Network and Hollywood Heights. Lakithia recently released her single and video, “That Bomb,” at the top of 2013. It is the first single off of her upcoming Mix-tape Album, “Introducing (The New Me),” scheduled to release in March, 2013. She released a mix-tape titled “Urban Letter Unrestricted” in June of 2011 which has been received well by fans all across the world. In 2015 Lakithia's talents led her to New York City. And there she was on the music scene before she knew it. From local tv shows to radio stations impacting listeners on the east coast in a major way. With her new single "West Side" receiving great reviews and more Lakithia is making a great impact on listeners and gaining new fans daily. Lakithia’s style is the perfect blend of hip-hop and pop. Her beauty is unmatched and her talent is unrivaled. She is now poised and ready to invade the entertainment industry and arrest the ears (and eyes) of many audiences.