Happy November!!

Hey Angels!!!


Happy November from November's very own. This is my Birthday month. I was born November 7th. Anyway I'm so excited about it being a new month. I always see a new month like a new beginning to be greater and better. You can start fresh and aim for excellence and greatness. I know, I just want to be better. I mean by Gods grace I'm given a new year. I just want to grow and evolve. Always wanting to be the better me. Making whatever changes necessary to be better and greater. I never want to become complacent as a person or  as a artist. Always looking to expand and grow. This year has been amazing. But I have a strong feeling next year will be even bigger and better. This sunday I go to shoot the last scene for my upcoming video and a few cutaways and it will be a wrap. The video will be ready for editing. I cant wait. And on top of that its just many new opportunities and new doors to walk through. I'm in expectancy. I believe its important that we look forward in hope and in faith. We have to believe we can achieve the impossible with God on our side and on our team. Endless opportunities await us. We just have to work hard, and apply faith. Each month this year God seems to surprise me. I just believe he has even greater things in store this month and so on.  The thing about God is he wants us to succeed and prosper. We have to want it and believe it for ourselves. Never losing faith even when times get rough. But anyway this year I think I'm going to just do a private birthday dinner with family and friends. Last year's Birthday was crazy. I partied at the room in a night club in Hollywood. My Friends came out and we did it bigg. This year I'm so busy with work, recording & filming.  I don't have time to put together a big celebration. However I'm celebrating my new found success and thanking God every step of the way for continuing to order my steps and being the captain of my ship!! I'm blessed!! I can't believe my birthday is a few days a way. I just feel like with each year I JUST GET BETTER AND BETTER!!! Thank you JESUS!!!

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