Hey Angels,


Today is November 14th. I want to do a update on last week. Which was one of the best weeks of my life thus far. That's big to say but its true. On November 4th we wrapped my music video. It was bitter sweet. I was getting use to shooting weekly lol. But it has been an amazing experience shooting with Jeremiah Fox!! I absolutely adore him . His vision for this video was absolutely amazing. We worked together so well. I look forward to the next projects we will work on moving forward. I'm certain my music video is going to be amazing!! My team and I really wanted to do it bigg!! And we did. Then on November 6th I went to vote. Another huge event that definitely made History!! And we did it!! Obama was re elected as President. That was huge. And at 9pm est on November 7th my Birthday wishes on my social sites just kept coming thru. I promise the love I received on my Birthday from all over was phenomenal. I truly felt like the entire world wished me Happy Birthday!! On my actual Birthday I went for breakfast at my favorite spot Roscoes Chicken and Waffles and my mom told my waitress it was my Birthday. Well my waitress had the entire store sing me Happy Birthday to me!!! It was beautiful. And after that the love kept coming in.. God is amazing!! He's blessed me with the most amazing family and friends ever. I really love my life. I got a lot of gifts and I celebrated but most importantly I got LOVE!! I'm truly loved and I know that. Everyone I knew reached out and of course my Angels from all across the world showered me with Love. I mean all the way up until November 9th I was still receiving birthday wishes. That was crazy. I just want everyone to know I was truly honored and I appreciate your Love. Another gift to my self is my music project, the video and upcoming mixtape. We are going in... Your hearing it from me first 2013 is going to be an amazing year. Get ready!! I see new open doors and opportunities. Hard work and dedication pays off. And I have been putting in work for many years. Entertainment, music and building a brand/empire has been my childhood dream. And the time has come to walk in it and finally live it...Love u guys!! xoxo

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