There are NO Success stories without the struggle.

Hey Angels,


I truly believe this quote I posted on twitter earlier this morning ( There are NO success stories without the Struggle.) That's my life. Even though I am not as successful as I'd like to be yet, I AM ON MY WAY!!!! I believe the struggle has also prepared me for the success. My team and I have been working hard over the years. It's been many years in the making.. A lot of people don't know my story. I began singing at two years old. I starting writing music and poetry at the age of 9. And I use to be on stage singing at 9 years old. I was traveling with my parents state to state at different churches. And there's more but I'll save it for my documentary... I have been on a journey my entire life. I have no choice but to succeed. I seen and been through it all. And that's why I quoted (There are no success stories without the struggle). All the great people before me have a story to tell that involves a struggle. The struggle should be your inclination your on the right path. I believe we need to let the struggle make us stronger and continue to relentlessly pursue our dreams. That's what I believe and I'm just getting started. Today we completed my new mixtape "Introducing the new me" and we move into the next phase I am preparing for shows and promo of the mixtape. A lot more work to do.. I'm not complaining at all. I'm ready and focus. Everything to gain and nothing to lose!! My story is being written.  xoxo

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