Shooting my music video the 26 and 27th of October

Hey Angels,

 This past weekend, I shot more scenes to my upcoming Music Video and it went Amazing!! Such a humbling experience. It started last Friday, in Beverly Hills on Rodeo dr. It went amazing. The humbling thing was the people who stopped to take pictures and videos of me. They even stopped to ask me if they can take pictures of me. It was so cool. It got so crazy. The people just kept gathering around me. So the security moved me to a different location. But it still worked out. The people still showed love. We left Beverly Hills and went to the next location. Sadly enough my video director had a small car accident after the B. Hills shoot but he didn't allow it to stop him from moving on. No one was hurt. Thanking God. So we continued to the next location. On saturday we started shooting early and there were two locations. Saturdays shoot went amazing as well. We shooting in a amazing Hotel in Beverly Hills. I loved it! It felt like the best weekend, I've ever had. I was living my dream. Everything went well. The people who were suppose to be apart of the video were there. They came worked hard and showed mad support. I'm a thankful & happy young lady. I was so appreciative to everyone who played a role or part in the video. I have to thank my video director Jeremiah Fox. He vision is absolutely amazing and its coming together perfect!! I can't wait for everyone to see the finish product. We have one last scene left and some cut a ways. Then the video should be complete and editing begins. Trust me not only are you going to want to hear this song, your going to want to see the video.  Stay tune!!! Dreams are coming to fruition. God is the Greatest!! The best is ahead...

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