Hey Angels,


I truly believe this quote I posted on twitter earlier this morning ( There are NO success stories without the Struggle.) That's my life. Even though I am not as successful as I'd like to be yet, I AM ON MY WAY!!!! I believe the struggle has also prepared me for the success. My team and I have been working hard over the years. It's been many years in the making.. A lot of people don't know my story. I began singing at two years old. I starting writing music and poetry at the age of 9. And I use to be on stage singing at 9 years old. I was traveling with my parents state to state at different churches. And there's more but I'll save it for my documentary... I have been on a journey my entire life. I have no choice but to succeed. I seen and been through it all. And that's why I quoted (There are no success stories without the struggle). All the great people before me have a story to tell that involves a struggle. The struggle should be your inclination your on the right path. I believe we need to let the struggle make us stronger and continue to relentlessly pursue our dreams. That's what I believe and I'm just getting started. Today we completed my new mixtape "Introducing the new me" and we move into the next phase I am preparing for shows and promo of the mixtape. A lot more work to do.. I'm not complaining at all. I'm ready and focus. Everything to gain and nothing to lose!! My story is being written.  xoxo

Hey Angels,


Today is November 14th. I want to do a update on last week. Which was one of the best weeks of my life thus far. That's big to say but its true. On November 4th we wrapped my music video. It was bitter sweet. I was getting use to shooting weekly lol. But it has been an amazing experience shooting with Jeremiah Fox!! I absolutely adore him . His vision for this video was absolutely amazing. We worked together so well. I look forward to the next projects we will work on moving forward. I'm certain my music video is going to be amazing!! My team and I really wanted to do it bigg!! And we did. Then on November 6th I went to vote. Another huge event that definitely made History!! And we did it!! Obama was re elected as President. That was huge. And at 9pm est on November 7th my Birthday wishes on my social sites just kept coming thru. I promise the love I received on my Birthday from all over was phenomenal. I truly felt like the entire world wished me Happy Birthday!! On my actual Birthday I went for breakfast at my favorite spot Roscoes Chicken and Waffles and my mom told my waitress it was my Birthday. Well my waitress had the entire store sing me Happy Birthday to me!!! It was beautiful. And after that the love kept coming in.. God is amazing!! He's blessed me with the most amazing family and friends ever. I really love my life. I got a lot of gifts and I celebrated but most importantly I got LOVE!! I'm truly loved and I know that. Everyone I knew reached out and of course my Angels from all across the world showered me with Love. I mean all the way up until November 9th I was still receiving birthday wishes. That was crazy. I just want everyone to know I was truly honored and I appreciate your Love. Another gift to my self is my music project, the video and upcoming mixtape. We are going in... Your hearing it from me first 2013 is going to be an amazing year. Get ready!! I see new open doors and opportunities. Hard work and dedication pays off. And I have been putting in work for many years. Entertainment, music and building a brand/empire has been my childhood dream. And the time has come to walk in it and finally live it...Love u guys!! xoxo

Hey Angels!!!


Happy November from November's very own. This is my Birthday month. I was born November 7th. Anyway I'm so excited about it being a new month. I always see a new month like a new beginning to be greater and better. You can start fresh and aim for excellence and greatness. I know, I just want to be better. I mean by Gods grace I'm given a new year. I just want to grow and evolve. Always wanting to be the better me. Making whatever changes necessary to be better and greater. I never want to become complacent as a person or  as a artist. Always looking to expand and grow. This year has been amazing. But I have a strong feeling next year will be even bigger and better. This sunday I go to shoot the last scene for my upcoming video and a few cutaways and it will be a wrap. The video will be ready for editing. I cant wait. And on top of that its just many new opportunities and new doors to walk through. I'm in expectancy. I believe its important that we look forward in hope and in faith. We have to believe we can achieve the impossible with God on our side and on our team. Endless opportunities await us. We just have to work hard, and apply faith. Each month this year God seems to surprise me. I just believe he has even greater things in store this month and so on.  The thing about God is he wants us to succeed and prosper. We have to want it and believe it for ourselves. Never losing faith even when times get rough. But anyway this year I think I'm going to just do a private birthday dinner with family and friends. Last year's Birthday was crazy. I partied at the room in a night club in Hollywood. My Friends came out and we did it bigg. This year I'm so busy with work, recording & filming.  I don't have time to put together a big celebration. However I'm celebrating my new found success and thanking God every step of the way for continuing to order my steps and being the captain of my ship!! I'm blessed!! I can't believe my birthday is a few days a way. I just feel like with each year I JUST GET BETTER AND BETTER!!! Thank you JESUS!!!

Hey Angels,

 This past weekend, I shot more scenes to my upcoming Music Video and it went Amazing!! Such a humbling experience. It started last Friday, in Beverly Hills on Rodeo dr. It went amazing. The humbling thing was the people who stopped to take pictures and videos of me. They even stopped to ask me if they can take pictures of me. It was so cool. It got so crazy. The people just kept gathering around me. So the security moved me to a different location. But it still worked out. The people still showed love. We left Beverly Hills and went to the next location. Sadly enough my video director had a small car accident after the B. Hills shoot but he didn't allow it to stop him from moving on. No one was hurt. Thanking God. So we continued to the next location. On saturday we started shooting early and there were two locations. Saturdays shoot went amazing as well. We shooting in a amazing Hotel in Beverly Hills. I loved it! It felt like the best weekend, I've ever had. I was living my dream. Everything went well. The people who were suppose to be apart of the video were there. They came worked hard and showed mad support. I'm a thankful & happy young lady. I was so appreciative to everyone who played a role or part in the video. I have to thank my video director Jeremiah Fox. He vision is absolutely amazing and its coming together perfect!! I can't wait for everyone to see the finish product. We have one last scene left and some cut a ways. Then the video should be complete and editing begins. Trust me not only are you going to want to hear this song, your going to want to see the video.  Stay tune!!! Dreams are coming to fruition. God is the Greatest!! The best is ahead...

Hey Angels,

Its a beautiful feeling when you have a vision and you accomplish it. I shot a scene from my music video on the day I started filming my Documentary Introducing Lakithia Nicole (The Come UP) and my new music video this past saturday. Yes, I was shooting both at the same time lol. That was such an amazing experience. But I still have so much more to film. It's a lot of hard work but my team is amazing!! Once these projects are complete, I know I will be happy. I feel like you should always put your best foot forward. No half stepping.. So the rest of the month, I will be putting finishing touches on my new music video and Documentary. Its all about quality. I am not rushing at all. My work needs to speak for itself and when I present it to you all I want to be well pleased. My mixtape is coming along so good. I'm so pleased at my latest body of work. I can't say it enough. This new mixtape represents the element of freedom. And everything I touch from this moment on will be the same. To be a true artist I believe its important to lose reservations and be you completely. My new documentary is the same way. I want to give my Angels an insight on the real "Lakithia Nicole" I want my viewers to walk away knowing me as an artist and person. And also understand, the reason I make the music I make because its ME!!! Stay tune you guys and girls are in for a treat. From my upcoming Mixtape, to my Documentary and new music video... Love u all and will keep you posted each step of the way...

Hey Angels!! It has been such an amazing year thus far. My team and I have been working hard on my upcoming Mixtape "Introducing The New Me". I have no reservations on this new body of work. I'm focused and I'm doing me in totality. Which as an artist that's ultimately what it's all about.. Freedom to express yourself. I'm so pleased with the direction we took on this project. I have feats. with artist all across the globe from Canada, Atlanta to Poland. We shoot the music video for my new single off of the mixtape on October 27, 2012. I also shoot my Documentary October 13, 2012. Its a good time. God is definitely in Control. I hope you all are enjoying my remixes that we dropped this summer. It's just a taste of what I'm doing. There is SO much to come. From music to much more.... I'm still grinding and still hungry. I also want to thank everyone who has been on this journey with me. I appreciate and Love you. My story is being written daily... 

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